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First off, I want to say that I love Scrapebox. I think Scrapebox is one of the best tools anyone can buy if they’re getting into SEO/Keyword research, but with that said, there is a new kid on the block that I can honestly say is a solid competitor.

Introducing GScraper …

gscraper software
What makes GScraper a competitor?
GScraper has an insane amount of useful features that save a lot of time when it comes to scraping & posting. For example, it has all the filtering options that are commonly used in Scrapebox like remove duplicate URL’s/domains, trim to root, etc but it also has the option to remove them while scraping. This helps to cut down on the time by removing that extra step.
There are many many unique features that Gscraper has that would take me at least 10 blog posts to cover. Unfortunately, I just don’t have time to cover everything, but if you want to see the full feature list, check it out on their website here: GScraper software.
While the software does have a lot of useful features, there was one feature that stood out and made me hit the buy button.  GScraper has a premium proxy service that is built into the software which means you never have to waste time scraping, testing & filtering proxies. As the software runs, it pulls proxies directly from their servers. Once a proxy has been used, it is dropped and never used again. This means you never have to worry about your proxies getting banned while scraping results or mass PR checking.
 How Does GScraper Perform?
I decided to do a few tests with GScraper to see how it would run when doing common tasks (scraping results from search engines, scraping keywords, mass PR checking). All tests were performed using GScraper’s built in proxy service.
Search Engine Scraping:
scraped results
You can see from the image above that the software was scraping 50,000+ URL’s per minute and ended up with 109,773 scraped results in a little under 3 minutes. Pretty impressive.:)
I decided to let Gscraper run for about 2 days to see if it could handle the constant scraping at 1500 threads using the built in proxies. During this period the software ran perfect with no crashes or freezing. You can see from the image below, the results were pretty impressive. Yep, that’s 76 million scraped results!
gscraper running 1500 threads
Page Rank (PR) Checking:
Mass PR checking is one of the tasks that seem to burnout proxies the quickest so I was pretty eager to test a decent size list. No matter how many URL’s I threw at the software, it continued to check PR without a hitch. I’m extremely impressed with the speed and reliability of the built in proxies.
Here’s a small test using the built in proxies:
gscraper page rank check
Keyword Scraping:
This was a simple test to see how well the software could scrape new keywords in the keyword scraper. In this test I used two seed keywords, “finance” and “university”.
Here are the results:
  • Threads: 1500
  • Run Time: 1 minute 29 seconds
  • Scraped Results: 53,731
  • Threads: 1500
  • Run Time: 5 minutes 60 seconds
  • Scraped Results: 184,788
gscraper scraping keywords
  • Threads: 1500
  • Run Time: 14 minutes 58 seconds
  • Scraped Results: 483,481
gscraper scraping keywords 15 minutes
You can see from images above that by adding two keywords to GScraper, you can easily produce large amounts of related keywords in a very short time (depending on thread count).
Keyword scraping is perfect to use with tools that require keywords like GSA Search Engine Ranker, SEnuke, etc. It’s also great for keyword research and getting new niche ideas.
  • Scraping Results: 10/10
  • Mass PR Checking: 10/10
  • Keyword Scraping: 10/10
Overall Impressions:
I rarely would rate any software with solid 10′s, but I’m having trouble finding any faults with Gscraper. The software is intuitive, pretty easy to use, extremely fast, reliable & can handle large amounts of data without a hitch. As long as the developers keep up with updates, this software is worth at least 5 times the $38 price tag and will be a “must have” tool for any SEO.
To get your hands on this tool, visit the Gscraper website here: Gscraper Software
For anyone that has purchased this tool, please leave a comment below with your impressions. Thanks for reading!

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