Posted by : Mina Kona Monday, 27 May 2013

GooglePlus Dominator

GooglePlus Dominator VS Scrapebox VS Proxychecker! 
For Google Proxies!!

GooglePlus Dominator


Proxy Checker

Scrapebox VS GooglePlus Dominator
Googleplus Dominator is OUT due to is not working 

Scrapebox VS Proxy Checker (Fair)?

NO. Finally conclusion Proxy Checker is the BEST!

Not Working

Google Proxy Checker

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  1. my friend, this site is working. Dont have any site give you proxy checker include uptime.
    This site shared large proxy list, socks list, web proxy list. This is also better proxynova and hma premium and its free. You can easy download all proxy lists or socks list as raw text format. Im not sure for your idea but please comeback and try it. Maybe you need edit your post.


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Main Scrapebox GUI:

Fast Poster - Used
Slow Poster - Used
Manual Poster - Used
RSS Ping - Used
Link Checker - Not used

Backlink Checker
- Used
Fake PR Checker -Used
Dofollow/Nofollow Check - Used
Blog Analyzer - Used
Malware Addon - Used
Alive Check - Used
Google Image Grabber - Used
Google Competition Finder - Used

Rapid Indexer - Not used
Link Extractor - Not used
Dofollow Test - Not used
Sitemap Scraper - Not used

WhoIs Scraper - If you have SOCKS proxies they are used, HTTP proxies are not used

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