Posted by : Mina Kona Friday, 24 May 2013

Add new Proxy Sources to Scrapebox

Unfortunately many open proxy list providers nowadays have "disguised" their proxies to prevent this exact type of leeching that Scrapebox proxy harvester does. Nevertheless, there are still some and unless A couple of sites that provide fresh and "clean" proxy lists are:
You could also add this site as another proxy source. Use this URL:

1. To add a new proxy source to Scrapebox, open the Proxy Harvester window, click Add source button and select By typing the url

scrapebox add source by URL 

2. Then when it asks you to "Enter the Proxy Source", you may type or paste an URL which Scrapebox should use when harvesting proxies.

scrapebox enter proxy source

3. Newly added proxy source(if checked) will be used everytime you harvest proxies through Scrapebox.

scrapebox proxy harvester new source

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  1. Most of the time i get frustrated about the blocked sites but i got very impressive links in which i put the link which site I want to open and it works very in speed and link is
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  2. Hey, thank you for your post. I also found a proxy lists resource recently, you can have a look at it. Proxy list


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