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This is my preffered list of Decaptcher services. Enjoy!

Best Decaptcher Service
  • Cheapest Prices ($1.39 for 1K CAPTCHAs)
  • Good Decaptcha Speeds (10-20 seconds)
  • Very Good Support
  • Good Payment Gateway
  • Has had problems with some software
  • Correctness rate a bit lower than other Decaptcher services
I’ve been following this decaptcher service for a while now. In it’s beginning it was the worst pile of sh$t that you could ever imagine. I started using it back again in november 2010 and the results just blew me away with much better results than It’s still strong in March 2011, and although it has gotten a bit slower than before, it has earned the #1 spot as my decaptcher service of choice.

Second Best
  • Good Decaptcha Speeds (15-30 seconds)
  • Cheap Prices ($2 for 1K CAPTCHAs)
  • Good Payment Gateway
  • Frequently Overloaded in the Afternoons!
  • Sometimes you have to overpay (bid over $2/1K) to get decent CAPTCHA solving speed.
This is the service that’s currently dominating the market and was one of the first to come out with a discounted price. While it was very good at the beginning, I fear it’s getting too overloaded due to it’s own popularity. The constant overloads made me keep away from this service. Last time I checked it was pretty stable, but it’s instability got me (currently #1 in my list).

Third Best
  • Fast Decaptcha Speeds (8-15 seconds)
  • Overall Good Server Reliability
  • Extremely Expensive : $8 for 2K CAPTCHAs
  • Crappy Payment Gateway (Plimus)
  • Support is slow and from non-native speakers.
Only use this service if you need your CAPTCHAs decoded at a very fast speed! In most cases, CAPTCHAs have an expiry time of 3-5 minutes. So unless you’re trying to bypass a service that requires the CAPTCHA to be solved in less than 15 seconds, then you’re better off using one of the other Decaptcher Services mentioned below. I warned youThis decaptcher service is very good, but it will suck you dry (I learned this the hard way).


This is very important for you to understand: No matter which decaptcher service you pick…they all fail. All of them have a few days in which they’re sucky and barely usable. So, whatever you do: always have credits in a fallback decaptcher service.
I’ve also noticed a trend on all of them, they start out ok then they go through a part in which the service is barelly usable and afterwards they fix it and become usable again. The main reason I’ve only included these 3 Decaptcher services in my list is because they are more than a year old and have already been through their sh$ttyness phase. I’ve risked to venture into other services which suddenly closed and take my captcha credit money with them, it’s hard to have that with a recognized service as the ones that I mentioned in my post.
That’s all for now ;) . I hope this info has been useful to you as it has been to me.

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