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1. VPN or Proxies
VPN is much better. Proxies are easy to detect.

2. How many proxies I need for scrapebox?
It is not the number of links you will submit to, but the reliability of your proxies.. I regularly put at least 2 x the number of simultaneous threads it submits with.

3. How do I change my IP?
If you don't have a static ip address, even unplugging your modem for about 5-10 minutes can get you reallocated. I know renewing the IP with my ISP isn't enough, you'll need it to be dropped all together and then renewed.


To change your ip (this only works for dynamic ips).

Go to cmd and type in


then you should lose internet, now type in


then go to ""
and check if it changed.

I think a proxy might send a red flag if anything, but at the very least, ensure your IP is renewed and changed as a result of that dude.

4. How Google Check Blacklisted Proxies?
It might not raise a flag with proxy use even in general, I just don't know this for certain, but if I was programming an affiliate account, I'd be verifying through a NS lookup\whois for a lack of imagination just to determine if it was a proxy or at least comparing it to a blacklist of proxies similar to how Google handles abused\over used ones.

5. How do I change my dynamic IP?
First, are you talking about your internal IP address or your external one?

Your internal IP address is the one that is given to your specific computer by your router, and only works inside your house. It most likely starts with 192.168.x.x

The internal IP can't be seen on the Internet and is only used inside your own home network so your router can keep track of which computer is which.

The ipconfig command works on the internal IP and only the internal IP. It doesn't do anything for your external.

Your external IP is the one that your entire house uses to represent itself on the Internet. This is the address that everyone online sees, and technically it is the IP address of your router (because in reality your router is the only device in your house that's actually on the Internet, all the other devices just relay data to the router in order to get stuff from online). Your external address is given to your router by your Internet Service Provider.

Most house subscribers have what's called a dynamic IP address, which means if you wait long enough your ISP will change the address on their own. If you don't want to wait though there are a few things you can do to change your address.

1. You can try unplugging the router, waiting five minutes, and plugging it back in. This forces the router to ask your ISP for a new address. However, depending on how your ISP is configured, they may just hand you back the exact same address you had before. In which case, go to step 2.

2. You can try releasing/renewing your IP. You already tried this on your computer, but like I said the ipconfig command only works on your internal address, and we're trying to change your external. Remember your external address is actually the address of your router, so you will have to get into your router settings in order to release/renew it. Unfortunately, every router is programmed differently so I can't give you more specific instructions. If releasing/renewing the IP inside your router didn't work, or you're not comfortable going into your router settings, then go to step 3.

3. Call your ISP, and tell them to renew the IP on their end. After they do so, reboot your router again and you should have a new address.

Keep in mind that even though your external address changed your internal address will remain the same so your computer will still report an address of 192.168.x.x. If you want to see what your external address is, use a website like

You can also use a proxy service, which doesn't change your IP address but relays your data through someone else's so that it appears you're using a new address to everyone else online.

Hope that was enough info for you and not too confusing. Best of luck!

6. Will my IP get banned if I don't use proxies for SEO Tools?
Google blocks any IP for sending repeated and automated queries and if you don't use proxy your IP will be blocked or banned and keep in mind even if you use proxies they also will be get blocked, to avoid such issues while using proxies you'll need to configure proper delay settings at least 5 seconds + 1 connection per 10 proxies.  It's better for you to use proxy especially if you blast a lot of links per day.

Definitely use proxy. If you're a heavy automated tool user chances are your proxy IPs will get blocked at some point as well... And it's not just Google. Anyways with proxies it doesn't matter too much because you can just get new ones, but if it's your actual IP it's a pain in the ass if you get blocked.

7. So if you make the accounts through the account maker and you use a different IP to log into it, it'll flag your account even if you created it with PVA?
Google has the most advanced filters and algos for detecting non-human interactions. Their adsense code is a prime example of this. Think about it this way. If you were a real human making a gmail account. You would probably do it from either A your home PC or B your work PC. Maybe your phone too. Now for 99 percent of people that means your ip will be from the same city and you will access your account at least at first from the same city. Now why on earth if you create an account with a US ip from say Cali, would you log into it from say NY, or even a different country.

This makes no sense and is not logical, and google of course can detect these non-human traits and flag your account as suspicious, regardless of pva. They also blacklist ips/proxies, where they let you make an account, but instant disable it. Google is a beast and it is nice to see a company trying their best to protect integrity. Really I am surprised all the other companies don't do it but I am also surprised companies like facebook, gmail don't encrypt their data back and forth to their customers with session keys, thus avoiding man in the middle snooping. 

8. What is 302 error on scrapebox?
Google banned your proxy and you will get 302 IP block.

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