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ScrapeBox has become an essential tool for many marketers to harvest url’s with ease, something that used to be very time consuming and tedious.  Loaded with features, Scrapebox is not only a great tool for researching competitors, products, ascrape box 300x58 Proxies for ScrapeBox and Xrumernd scraping url’s, it is also used for commenting on blogs, pinging and quite a few other things.

Most would agree that ScrapeBox can be used for both Whitehat and Blackhat SEO purposes and, regardless of which path you choose, proxies are needed to make full use of this tool.  Pinging, harvesting and RSS feeds can be run with 20 threads running simultaneously and if you think you can get away with this, even with pure intentions, with your 1 little IP you’re nuts.

Xrumer, on the other hand, is considered a purely Black Hat tool that spams txrumer 300x107 Proxies for ScrapeBox and Xrumerhe net with forum posts and forum profile links (among other things) in an effort to get mass backlinks to a targeted site.  Clearly some pretty awesome private proxies would be needed for Xrumer – we’re talking Socks5 here.  They need to ideally be private, not shared, fast and not have bandwidth limitations on them – they’d need to be from a proxy service.

When looking for ScrapeBox proxies and Xrumer proxies, most people will try to go cheap (read “free”) when they first start. I know I did.  What you’ll find with free proxies, even a decent source of free proxies, is that your success rate in scraping and posting is going to be very very low because so many other people are using the same proxies and those suckers are banned EVERYWHERE (can you say “Askimet”?).  So, as the saying goes, “time is money”.  You’re really shelling out some cash by opting for the freebies.

A few things to look for in signing up for your Private Proxy service for ScrapeBox or Xrumer. Consider whether you want to go “Shared or Dedicated”.  Shared is cheaper and may be fine for many – it is for me.  Specifically, however, look at how often you’ll be able to turn over the proxies (once a month is good), if they are geographically distributed, and on multiple subnets.  There are plenty of choices for ScrapeBox – Squidproxies is a top choice.  YourPrivateProxy is good as well.   For Xrumer, you will need to dig a bit and perhaps read between the lines with some of the proxy service providers.
Of course, the best source is always going to be customer reviews so don’t forget to leave yours.  We’d appreciate it!

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Scrapebox Proxies Used

Main Scrapebox GUI:

Fast Poster - Used
Slow Poster - Used
Manual Poster - Used
RSS Ping - Used
Link Checker - Not used

Backlink Checker
- Used
Fake PR Checker -Used
Dofollow/Nofollow Check - Used
Blog Analyzer - Used
Malware Addon - Used
Alive Check - Used
Google Image Grabber - Used
Google Competition Finder - Used

Rapid Indexer - Not used
Link Extractor - Not used
Dofollow Test - Not used
Sitemap Scraper - Not used

WhoIs Scraper - If you have SOCKS proxies they are used, HTTP proxies are not used

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