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Over the last months as my online income has increased, I’ve been able to buy more cool SEO and automation tools / software to play around with. Two of those tools are Scrapebox and ProxyMultiply. In my opinion, both are absolutely worth every penny (and then a few thousand more) I paid for them as the amount of time they save is undeniable.
In any case, at the time of purchase I had no idea how much ProxyMultiply would help me with finding Scrapebox proxies. Even though ProxyMultiply allows you to find Google-passed proxies, those proxies don’t seem reliable, nor are there enough of them, to use ProxyMultiply by itself as a Scrapebox proxy list generating tool. With a recent update to ProxyMultiply, however, I’ve been able to uncover some excellent Scrapebox proxy sources. Which, sorry: I won’t be sharing them here.

ProxyBooster Addon for ProxyMultiply – Scrapebox Proxy Resource Tool

ProxyMultiply recently added an ‘Addons’ feature to the software. These addons, based on the only currently-available addon, will be paid tools that improve the usability of ProxyMultiply. The addon I’m speaking of is the Proxy Booster addon:
ProxyMultiply Proxy Booster Addon
This addon basically keeps track of how many working proxies are discovered on pages that are discovered and scraped when you’re building proxy lists with ProxyMultiply. The number of working proxies is dependent on your configuration settings, so the point of this addon is to get you the most working proxies from your proxy-scraping sessions with the smallest effort, and because you define the rules of the types of proxies you’re looking for, this addon not only gets you more working proxies, faster, but gets these proxies based on your proxy needs. A smart and affordable upgrade for less than $10.
The real value in finding Scrapebox proxies, however, is in the results.

More working proxies = more potential Scrapebox proxies

A lot of the proxy sources listed on the resources page and even the anonymous proxies I share here occasionally often contain Scrapebox-usable proxies for harvesting, even though they haven’t necessarily been tested for use with Scrapebox. With the Proxy Booster addon, especially after you’ve used it for a while, you can have an exceptionally large list of sites that gives you working proxies, displayed as such:
List of working proxy sources for Scrapebox proxies
In the right-hand column, you’ll see how many proxies have been discovered at a particular URL. And, at the previous screen, you have the option to export those URLs and number of working proxies to a .csv file… I did that, and when I started this test this morning, I had 106 Scrapebox-passed proxies. However, after adding one of the proxy sources listed in the ProxyBooster addon to scrapebox’s proxy harvester source list, I’ve come up with this:
Working Scrapebox Proxies from Proxy Multiply Source
That’s 272 additional working Scrapebox proxies from a single source. I can test 30,000 proxies from my current lists and only get 100-200 working Google-passed proxies (35-second timeout), and yet with ~8,000 proxies I was able to grab nearly 300 more. It’s really been a struggle to get hundreds of working Scrapebox proxies lately, but this looks like it’s opened up a whole new realm of possibilities withouthaving to subscribe to a proxy list delivery service.
To me, ProxyMultiply is well-worth the $60 pricetag, and the $10 addon has proven to be invaluable in finding more working proxies, faster, even in the very short time I’ve used it.
So, if you’re looking for an affordable way to boost your Scrapebox proxy list, this may very well be a workable option for those who aren’t opposed to spending $70 to get a smart, lifetime proxy list generator.

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