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Before you finally purchase a proxy, it is crucial for you to ascertain what particular type of proxy you want to use. Proxies are categorized into groups, and these are private proxies and shared proxies. The price is not the only aspect that separates shared proxies from private proxies.  The difference between these two is more on their uses. Therefore, the budget and the intended uses play significant roles when purchasing proxies.

 By its name alone, it is easy for us to ascertain the essence of shared proxies. In shared proxies, there will be multiple users. It only means that once you purchase shared proxies, other people can access it. If you will not transmit large amounts of data, shared proxies are recommended to use. If you will not spend a lot of time in this type of proxy, rest assure that you can save money. Majority of shared proxies that you can find today over the World Wide Web are cheaper compared to the other type. It is not only the servers that are being shared in shared proxies, but also the cost of that certain server. This is the main reason why majority of casual users prefer shared proxies.

Before buying shared proxies, you should also consider its disadvantages so that you can ascertain if this is the best choice for you.  Since your server will be shared to others, their usage has an effect to you. A very excellent example is if one of the users did something wrong, and he or she has been banned from that specific website, you will be banned on that site also. It is because the site knows that you and the offender are similar, since it can only see a shared server.

Another disadvantage of shared proxies is its limitation to certain geographic locations. The IP addresses of shared proxies are often associated to certain region or city. Therefore, if you are yearning for extended geographic IP addresses, shared proxies are not the perfect option for you.

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