Posted by : Mina Kona Friday, 24 May 2013

Have you ever asked yourself why many people prefer to anonymous proxies? It is true that Anonymous proxies can provide security to the user. Having it doesn’t mean being paranoid to have complete protection. We need to face the reality that without Anonymous proxies, it is like giving out the IP address of the home address to a stranger. Remember, we should take care of our IP address, and we should do anything to secure it. Therefore, Anonymous Proxies are among the best solutions.

Though the authorities protect us from being victimized by identity theft, it can’t keep unsecured websites from obtaining the IP addresses. There are some hackers who misuse IP addresses. What happens is that once a site or forum has been visited, IP log is developed, which needs to be confidential. However, there are some cases wherein webmasters of the websites misuse the IP logs, which they should not use, however make the personal information open to public awareness.

Though you can deal with this legally, it would entail a lump sum amount, since you have to file a case against that website. The question is, what if the site is located in another country, and that particular country doesn’t have any law about protecting IP addresses? This can result to great disaster. In that case, it is much better to be safe than to be victimized. 

Today, it would be easy to find websites and firms that can provide Anonymous proxies. These proxies offer various levels of anonymity and security. Through the aid of Anonymous Proxies, other people can’t track any of your online activities, and know that it was you who did it. It is relevant for you to keep your surfing activities untraceable. It is because there are several companies who render money to some webmasters of various websites and forums, and ask them to sell the information of the users. Another reason for protecting your IP address is in order to avoid hackers from tracking your online activities, because once they get your information, they can exploit it.

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